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Choose a Child Placement Agency

Once you have determined that foster care is for you, you have an important
decision to make.


You have the choice to be licensed by a county department of human services or
a private Child Placement agency.


This decision will significantly impact the type of support you will receive and
the experience you will have fostering children in your home. 


Fostering Colorado strongly believes in the benefits that a private placement agency
can provide.


Specifically, these benefits include:

  • greater level of in home support and professional advocacy due to the fact that
    typically CPA case managers have smaller caseloads;

  • accessibility of agency workers and more personal relationships;

  • training! support groups and fun family events throughout the year;

  • advocacy and support with county case workers and other professionals
    regarding the educational, therapeutic and behavioral services your
    foster children need, as well as ensuring contracted rates accurately reflect
    the needs and care of the child(ren) in your home;

  • access to community resources (clothing banks, visitation, therapy)
    offered by the agency; and

  • potential to work within all counties in the state of Colorado.


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